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Autism definition to change

The Center for Disease Control estimates that today 1 child in 88 is autistic.


Thriving with cystic fibrosis

Off the field, keeping Tiernan’s lungs as healthy as possible has been her family’s priority since her diagnosis.


College prep not just for the wealthy

Principal Susan Kreisman and Scott Farber, President of A List Education, created a class at Manhattan Hunter called College Prep that meets during school every other day.


Olympics give wrestling the boot, but wrestlers not giving up

In 2020, for the first time since the modern Olympic Games began in 1896, wrestling will not be included as one of the 25 core sports,

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President Obama’s second term begins

Hundred of thousands gather in Washington D.C to witness inauguration.


New Yorkers continue to give despite tough economic times

Coat donations are accepted at New York public libraries and New York City Police Departments until December 31st.


Still Occupying: Lack of cohesive message doesn’t stop the OWS movement.

The southernmost tip of Manhattan was transformed into a birthday party of sorts as the People’s Puppets, a theatrical group of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, assembled, donned their party hats, rehearsed a few catchy OWS-themed tunes and marched north into the heart of the financial district.


Free hearing aids given out in the Bronx

The Help America Hear Foundation has given 332 people life-changing hearing aids.

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Quiet Reflection on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11

Two veterans at Zuccotti Park made sacrifices because of 9/11.