Protests continue on Independence Day

Protestors gather at Madison Square Park on July 4th. Photo by Bessie Liu.
Thousands of protestors  took the streets of New York City to fight for Black lives on America’s 244th birthday yesterday.
Organizers urged the crowd to contact their local city council members and express their sentiments about the ongoing oppression towards Black citizens after the 2021 New York City  budget cut millions of dollars from the  Education, affordable housing and funding towards the Arts. The police budget was cut  $1 billion, but protestors say it is not enough.
Protestors burnt textbooks and demanded history to be rewritten. Demonstrators were also joined by former Miss Black America, Ryan Richardson, an activist for Black lives.

Demonstrators places signs around the Monument of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, a former slave owner. Photo by Bessie Liu

One of the many organizers of Unite NY 2020 gathers the crowd. Photo by Bessie Liu

A police officer sits in his car observing protestors from a distance. Photo by Bessie Liu

Various organized groups gather at Washington Square Park. Photo by Bessie Liu

Protestors gather in Washington Square Park. Photo by Bessie Liu

Photographer asks demonstrator to pose for a photograph at the protest. Photo by Bessie Liu

Crowd leaves Washington Square Park. Photo by Bessie Liu

Demonstrator holds up artistic sign. Photo by Bessie Liu

Bystanders watch and film the protestors. Photo by Bessie Liu

Demonstrators march across the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Bessie Liu

Protestor uses a fire extinguisher as the crowd behind dances and cheers. Photo by Bessie Liu

Demonstrators stop in the middle of the Brooklyn bridge and begins to dance. Photo by Bessie Liu

Signs at the July 4 Protests. Photo by Bessie Liu

Demonstrators gather at DUMBO, their final stop. Photo by Bessie Liu