New York City


Sticker Art, NYC

The streets of New York City are covered in tiny works of art. Thousands of stickers decorate the backs of street signs, mailboxes, lamp posts, and scaffolding. The artists behind the stickers use their surroundings to communicate with each other and the general public - expressing their views on everything from mental health to gentrification to love.


An ode to the young people of New York 

The goal of this photo essay is to capture the essence of the people that compose New York City and show the creative spirit New Yorkers carry.


Sixty-Four Squares in Union Square Park

For the last 10 years, T.C. has sat in Union Square Park offering chess lessons and matches to passersby.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Battling food insecurities during a pandemic

New York City’s hunger crisis has been a widespread problem for years, but it’s gotten far worse due to the economic impact from the pandemic.


New York voters express their hopes and fears for the 2020 Election

Many feel it’s a do or die situation.


NY People: A Sewing Story

Amanda Seal loves to sew.


Protests continue on Independence Day

Protestors burnt textbooks and demanded history to be rewritten

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

MTA faces crisis following COVID shutdown

Its operating budget, estimated at $17 billion for 2020, is projected to lose 45% of its funding, primarily due to the loss of ridership in the first half of the year.


After NYC passes it’s budget, protestors clash with police

This was after the City Council passed it's budget including the $1 billion protesters were asking authorities to cut from the NYPD budget.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Despite a few bumps, NYC is social distancing more than not

Pavement Pieces found that the daily social distancing related complaint numbers were lower in the reopening, compared with the period of lockdown.