Black Lives Matter


From Sneakers to Social Justice: How George Floyd’s Passing Broke Michael Jordan’s Silence On Race

Four years ago, I was casually scrolling through my Instagram timeline and witnessed the horrifying footage of George Floyd’s death […]


Black Lives Matter rallies to “cancel” Carmine’s after arrest of three black women over vaccine mandates

Carmine’s released a statement denying the  incident had anything to do with racism. 


Vigil Honors Black Lives Killed by Police

Volunteers alternated reading the names out loud for the public to hear.


Despite Chauvin’s guilty verdict, activists will not stop fighting for justice

With the most recent police killings of people of color another wave of protest against police violence is beginning across the country.


New Yorkers peacefully protest the grand jury verdict in the Breonna Taylor case

Despite pressure from the public for months following Taylor's shooting, an EMT shot dead as she slept in her bed during a botched warrant execution, all but one officer is being charged—and not for murder.


Verdict on Breonna Taylor’s death sparks public outrage amid pre-existing racial tensions

As the public continues to express outrage and demand justice for Breonna Taylor, the justice system's role has also come under the microscope.


Memories of stop and frisk, racial profiling and microaggressions drive activists to protest

As a black woman in America she said she is in constant danger of a police encounter that could go wrong.


Black Lives Matter painted in front of Trump Towers

Among the painters,  the  de Blasio, his wife, and  Rev. Al Sharpton, a prominent voice in the fight against police brutality and systemic oppression.


Protests continue on Independence Day

Protestors burnt textbooks and demanded history to be rewritten


Moms lead kids in Black Lives Matter protests

"I felt compelled to create a safe space where the kids felt safe to express themselves and be on the right side of history."