A dogs love can cure the blues

Early in the pandemic there was a waiting list to adopt dogs from shelters.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Pandemic closes dog parks

Social distancing is for the dogs.


A Dating App for Dog Lovers

Having a dating app specifically made for dog lovers is an attractive prospect to many pooch owners as they believe it can help eliminate people who are not truly passionate about dogs.


An East Village Cafe for Dogs

New York’s first dogfriendly cafe, Boris & Horton has opened in the East Village.


A school for the dogs

The School for the Dogs in the East Village trains dogs and their owners.

NewsSpecial Reports

Blizzard of 2015: West Village

Samson was out with her brown female Labradoodle, Wizhtle.


Badass Brooklyn shelter saves southern dogs lives

These dogs aren’t curling up on couches with family members. They’re not sleeping in warm doggy beds, cradling dessert bones. […]


Dog running is big business in New York City

Some dog owners in NYC are turning to dog runners to give their pups exercise.


Spring in NYC: Dog days in Tompkins Square

The first day of spring lifted the spirits of New Yorkers and their dogs.


Guide dogs offer independence to owners

Guide dogs can be much more than "man's best friend"