Activist rally to ban poisonous pesticides in New York City Parks

 If the bill, which has been pending since April,  is successfully passed, city agencies must move to use biological pesticides, which are known to be less toxic and more effective than synthetic pesticides. 


Statue of Liberty reopens

National Park Service workers at the Statue of Liberty were called back to work on Sunday morning as the Statue of Liberty reopened its doors to visitors.


Urban Foraging in Prospect Park

Urban foraging is the other way to eat locally. Foragers look for edible weeds, non-toxic mushrooms and colorful trees that bear fruits such as American persimmons—a deliciously sweet yellow or orange-tinged fruit with a tough skin, packing juice.


City relies on residents to carry out smoking ban

Mayor Bloomberg recently announced that the New York Police Department will rely on citizens to keep tabs on wayward smokers.