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Times Square rallies for Georgia death row inmate

Hundreds of protestors gathered to stop Monday's scheduled execution.

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Westboro Baptist Church inflames 9/11 memorial service vistors

“You think 9/11 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” a church member said.


Hundreds protest hearings on Muslim extremism

Nearly 1,000 protesters gathered in Times Square to rally against the upcoming congressional hearings on “radicalization” of Muslims in America.


To protest domestic abuse, a 7-mile march

Domestic violence survivors, some wearing wedding veils, and anti-abuse advocates marched 7 miles through the Bronx.


Retirement home residents protest wars

Residents of a Manhattan retirement home protested the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on Saturday.


Eight months later, little relief in Haiti

Eight months after an earthquake devastated Haiti, millions are still suffering, protesters said at a Saturday rally.


Thousands protest Ahmadinejad near U.N.

Thousands gathered Thursday morning to protest Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he spoke at the United Nations.


Climate change threatens Himalayas

Activists rallied near the United Nations to bring attention to the the effect climate change is having on the Himalayan Mountains.


Park51 protesters, supporters face off

Supporters and opponents of the proposed Park51 Islamic cultural center gathered near Ground Zero to voice their opinions.