Muslims voice concern over Trump’s success

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has proposed a policy that would temporarily, yet completely, ban Muslims from the United States should he be elected president.

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GOP CNN Debate: Carly Fiorina FTW

Carly Fiorina held her own among the 10 large personalities with which she was confronted.

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CNN GOP Debate: Different views on foreign policy

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CNN GOP Debate: Inconsequential overall

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Special Report: Election 2012

A Warzone of Harassing Comments

“I was told, basically, that I was stupid and that I just believed what religion shoved down my throat.”

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GOP Primary: Romney sweeps

Former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney has won all five states up for grabs in today’s primary elections.

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GOP Primary: Upstate NY Republicans just want to beat Obama

Turnout for the all-but-over primary was low, Republican residents said, come November, they’ll all be at the ballots, to make sure anyone, but Obama wins.

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GOP Primary: Among conservatives in rural Pa, Romney ‘the lesser of two evils’

"I'm sure as hell not voting for Obama," one resident said.