Curtis Sliwa trails in mayor’s race but fights on

Republican mayoral candidate and founder of the Guardian Angel, Curtis Sliwa, has spent the final week on the campaign trail hoping to pull ahead of his Democratic rival, Eric Adams.


Muslims voice concern over Trump’s success

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has proposed a policy that would temporarily, yet completely, ban Muslims from the United States should he be elected president.

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GOP CNN Debate: Carly Fiorina FTW

Carly Fiorina held her own among the 10 large personalities with which she was confronted.

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CNN GOP Debate: Different views on foreign policy

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CNN GOP Debate: Inconsequential overall

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Special Report: Election 2012

A Warzone of Harassing Comments

“I was told, basically, that I was stupid and that I just believed what religion shoved down my throat.”

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GOP Primary: Romney sweeps

Former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney has won all five states up for grabs in today’s primary elections.

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GOP Primary: Upstate NY Republicans just want to beat Obama

Turnout for the all-but-over primary was low, Republican residents said, come November, they’ll all be at the ballots, to make sure anyone, but Obama wins.

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GOP Primary: Among conservatives in rural Pa, Romney ‘the lesser of two evils’

"I'm sure as hell not voting for Obama," one resident said.