NYC Muslims cope with spike in hate crimes following presidential election

New York City may be a multicultural melting pot with residents coming from all corners of the world, but it hasn’t been immune from attacks on Muslims.


Cheaper alternative medications gives modern meds competition

Acupuncture and herbs is preferred by some over Tylenol and other medications.


Life after a wrongful conviction

Jeffrey Deskovic is one of 1,934 of the wrongly convicted who have been released from prison. Rebuiliding his life is hard.


Dyker Heights serves up a very bright Christmas

Many homes participate in the neighborhood Christmas decorating tradition, but some take it over the top.


College March Empowers First Generation Students

This year, over 2,700 seniors will march at 35 schools across 12 cities.


Homeless Holidays

For those who call the streets their home, the holidays may be a reminder of the things they don’t have like a Christmas tree, someone to celebrate with or even being able to be inside for a week.


NY People: Alice Tan Ridley, The Underground Singer

Alice Tan Ridley never made it to Broadway, but she belts underneath it.


NY People: Jeffrey Almonte, content creator

Jeffrey Almonte is a 20-year-old Harlem native and content creator. Almonte's video, where he breaks down displacement in Harlem through his critique of an INSIDER Food video on Harlem and the iconic chopped cheese sandwich, went viral.


NY People: Kyle Fox, park therapist

Kyle Fox sits in Washington Square Park and listens to people's stories.

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Another nasty presidential debate

After Donald Trump threatened to prosecute his opponent and Hillary Clinton seized on a vulgar taped conversation Trump had to make her case against him during the second debate, the final debate was bound to get tumultuous.