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Twitter creates presidential debate comedy

The 3rd debate of the 2016 election brought out the wannabe comedian in everyone.


NY People: Luke Woodard, cafe owner

Luke Woodard, 27, of Melbourne, Australia, describes his journey of starting his business, Sweatshop Cafe and Design Studio, in Brooklyn, NY.


NY People: Street Musician Peter May

Peter May is a fixture at Washington Square Park.


A school for the dogs

The School for the Dogs in the East Village trains dogs and their owners.


NY People: Jazz Musician Connell Thompson

Connell Thompson describes his life as a jazz saxophonist in New York City and his influences for his own music.


Snowboarding hits a rough patch

Conditions on the mountains are declining and the sport is becoming more expensive with the price of lift tickets high and equipment even higher, athletes said.


Green Party candidate Jill Stein rails against ‘greater’ and ‘lesser’ evil political parties at rally

The Stein/Baraka ticket is on the ballot in 44 states, and the District of Columbia.


NY People: Larry the Birdman

Larry loves pigeon and in Washington Square Park he is surrounded by them.


MoMa looks at how refugees live

Insecurities, constant movement, and endless fear that accompany these refugees are presented as a main theme at the exhibition.