A celebration of Black trans lives

Event attendees gathered in New York City’s Hudson River Park to hear from community activists, watch live performances and drag shows, eat, dance and socialize. 


Protesters respond to Trump’s plan to define gender

Protesters gathered at City Hall in response to the Trump administration’s plan to exclude transgender and nonbinary people from its legal definition of gender.

Special Reports

Capital Steps

The year has been a year fraught with political turmoil for much of the United States, with major changes on […]


A new face for the transgender community

New York's transgender community has high hopes for Bruce Jenner.


Transition leads to Joy

Joy Ladin's transition from male to female led her to a happiness that eluded her.

Special Report: Election 2012

Upcoming Election Provokes Anxiety for Trans Voters

A recent study released warned of potential disenfranchisement that could occur for at least 25,000 transgender voters in states with strict photo identification requirements.


Transgender rights still uncertain after DADT repeal

Even after DADT repeal, transgender status is still grounds for disqualification.


Transgender activists, Jersey tabloid at odds

Transgender activists are outraged over a recent report in the Jersey Journal, a Jersey City-based tabloid, about the prostitution arrest of Coy Gordon of West New York.