Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic threatens border towns in Mexico

The spread of coronavirus has impacted the entire world. In Mexico, where Northern cities border the United States, difficulties are amplified as the region tackles the well-being of both countries during the pandemic.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Unemployment claims skyrocket

A record breaking number of Americans filed for unemployment last week.

Special Report: Election 2012

How GenY Voted

Did GenY turn out in record numbers?


Some women at Occupy Wall Street struggle with security and being heard

As the movement grows women protestors have their own issues with surviving and thriving at Zuccotti Park

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Rebuilding Detroit: Obama says, “Yes, we can”

Pavement Pieces looks at a city's fight to come back and the issues that get in its way


In new job market, older women struggle to find work

Some women say they're being judged not by their resumes but by their age.


Pawnshops see a boost in business

The economic recession, high unemployment and rising gold prices have meant booming business for pawn shops.


Council: City’s jobless need better resources

Council members expressed concerns that city agencies geared toward growing the economy and stamping out unemployment were not in lockstep with each other.