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The Forgotten Navajo: Living with uranium

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Rolanda Tahani has been drinking water from a well behind her house for decades. And just recently she was informed it has been contaminated with uranium since the 1970s. Her mysterious health problems — developing cancers and debilitating infections — finally make sense. But Tahani still has no relief, as she continues to consume the water: It’s her only source, she says.


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What a great story of inspiration and survival. The real tragedy is how many survived, yet help was haulted because the US was squabbling over who would pay for their care? So they died. One day soon, people will be the focus of life rather than Cesar’s coins.

This is a pure tragedy. The only upside? She will most likely die before she is able to collect on any kind of punitive damages against the corporatocracy that let this occur.

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