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Crumbling East Village Projects: Many tenants say they wait a year for repairs

Weary tenants say they can't get repairs done.

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The Border Project: The Thin Line

Longtime residents from Nogales, Mexico, react to recent changes along the Arizona-Mexico border.


Tenant president stands up for residents

Odell Pamias, 67, is the president of the tenant association at Jacob Riis Houses, a public housing development in the East Village that is home to 4,305 residents.


After cuts, rat problems in E. Village could worsen

The health department plans to reduce the number of pest control aides by almost 70 percent, and East Village residents fear rat infestations might increase.


Proposed budget cuts will hurt homeless

More than 39,000 people in New York City seek shelter each day. Officials and advocates claim Paterson’s proposed cuts would drastically reduce aid to the homeless.


Haiti Earthquake: Benefit concert promotes hope

While some chose to send money or texts to contribute, Save the Children thought of a different way: host a star-studded benefit concert.


Artist deals ‘candy crack’ in Brooklyn

Hill’s latest project has him donning a dolphin mascot head and white tuxedo as he delivers $1 bags of "candy crack” — or packs of crushed up sugar cubes colored and flavored with snow-cone syrup.

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The Forgotten Navajo: No longer a home

Arlene Jasper-Begay and her family have been through a lot. Dealing with deaths and suicides have left them feeling as if their home is no longer a home at all.

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The Forgotten Navajo: Living with uranium

Rolanda Tahani drinks uranium-contaminated water every day. She has no other option.

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The Forgotten Navajo: The faces of Navajo Nation

The people of Navajo Nation.