Amy Zahn


March for Our Lives, Washington D.C

The day in photos.


In life after prison, a former convict finds peace

The shrinking of the city’s prison population has given rise to a different kind of population -- people trying to find their way back into society after spending time behind bars.


NYC Puerto Ricans’ frustrations mount in wake of destruction

The state of New York is home to over a million people who identify as Puerto Rican, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the largest number in any state.


African immigrants rail against dictators in Midtown Manhattan

Some demonstrators also want a stronger response from the U.S. regarding what they see as the tyranny being perpetrated by leaders of their countries


East Harlem businesses preserve culture through Mexican Independence Day festival

Like the business owners around him, Cano celebrates Mexican Independence day as a means of staying connected to his culture.


New friendships forged from the aftermath of 9/11 — 16 years later

The two stood close. An onlooker would not have known that, even an hour before, neither had known the other existed.