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East Harlem’s Street Games

New York City Street Games in Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem, is an annual event that give families the opportunities to step into the past and play 80s and 90s style street games for the day.


Students rally against immigration ban

For many, what they wanted to result from the rallies and the protests was clear.


Homeless Holidays

For those who call the streets their home, the holidays may be a reminder of the things they don’t have like a Christmas tree, someone to celebrate with or even being able to be inside for a week.

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2016 NYC Marathon: A church greeting in Harlem

Members of the church attend the race every year cheering runners on and offering them prayers and inspiring words, but this year they wanted to do something different.


Cyclist demand safety as fatal accidents rise.

Cyclists demand safety.

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For the young, 9/11 is only history

With the average age of a high school freshman being between 13- 15, no one in the ninth grade and below would have been born for the events of 9/11.