Justin Hicks


When AP For All only helps some

New York City’s “AP For All” plan to increase college access may be misguided.


Hudson Diner is Closing

After 23 years in the West Village, Babu Fullsink’s cash register at the Hudson Diner will go silent at the end of the month. He decided to close because he was getting older and couldn’t keep up with the physical demands of restaurant work.


Statue of Liberty Reopens Despite Government Shutdown

when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state would cover the costs to re-open the statue, eager tourists rushed to lower Manhattan to cross Liberty Island off their list of must-see attractions.


Walter’s Antique Clock Shop is Closing

After 20 years, high rent, is forcing the beloved the Greenwich Village clocks shop to close.


NY People: Kristin Bertrand, Woodwind Workshop


A Peaceful Resistance Amid a Sea of Strife

The Chinese government outlawed the practice of Falun Gong to “protect human rights and the interests of the public,” according to the Chinese Embassy’s website.


Ride Hailing Apps Put a Dent in Public Transportation

The MTC acknowledge that these ride-share services fill a crucial gap in the transportation needs of citizens that they cannot fill.


Still No Closure For the Undocumented Victims of 9/11

Such was the struggle with many of the cases involving undocumented victims. Their careful attempts at staying hidden in life meant that their deaths were likely to go unnoticed as well.