Quratulain Tejani


Life at an all-female dorm-style apartment in New York City 

Webster Apartments is a non-profit residence building for women that offers temporary residence up to 5 years to interns, graduate students, trainees and/or fellows in New York City. 


Pakistanis “not surprised” by Trump’s acquittal

Many Pakistanis believe that Trump was directly responsible for the insurgency. 


Food delivery drivers keep moving during snowstorm

Bad weather usually means more business.


Months later the pain and trauma of hurricanes Laura and Delta remains with survivors

Roofs are still covered with tarps, foundations of homes are infected with mold, people are still living in trailers and tents and debris on the streets. 

Special Report: America Votes

Arab Americans of Dearborn vote Biden

 To many of them, the last four years of the Trump presidency, was characterized by marginalization of minorities, suppression of freedom of speech, and supremacist ideologies taking control of the state


Brutal rape compels women to protest, demand rights

Most women who came out to show their strength in numbers and register dissent felt this was a pivotal point in the sexual politics space.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Overburdened mothers in Pakistan are relieved as schools reopens

Connectivity issues and frequent power breakdowns have added to the misery.