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Seniors find love on

The senior singles gather at restaurants where they collectively dine and share their ideas on pre-determined discussion topics.


With fracking decision looming, New Yorkers worry about water

The indecision on fracking is up for review.

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African Americans at the Inauguration

Pavement Pieces reporter, Gabrielle Wright reports from Washington D.C.


A growing number of “preppers” prepare for doomsday

They want ensure their safety in the event of a disaster situation, no matter how severe.


Rockaways homeowners in limbo waiting for homes to be razed or aid to fix them after Sandy

There is no timetable for help.


Acting classes help recovering addicts on their road to sobriety

Phoenix House partnered with the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and began offering its residents a weekly acting class. Now, a month and a half later, there is a wait list to get into the class.


Female comedians face unique challenges

"Making it big" can be challenging for any comedian. But many women say they have it tougher than their male counterparts.


South Asian-American youths struggle with cultural confusion

They are called ABCD or American Born Confused Desis.


With change in U.S. population, soccer sees boost in popularity

More immigrants could correlate with soccer's growing U.S. presence.


Spring thaw reveals new obstacle for drivers

Bedbugs received plenty of attention last year, but this spring, a different menace is terrorizing New York. Pavement’s Nick DeSantis […]