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Pre-K proposed expansion could help city kids close achievement gap

Wealth disparity among residents has been linked to gaps in academic achievement.


Same-sex marriage debate heats up in the South

Mitchel and Myers moved to New York City they said because it was easier to live as an openly gay couple.


Aging with HIV

Patients with HIV and their physicians have a more complex challenge ahead as they treat HIV along with the typical illnesses that come with aging.


Interfaith group takes on reproductive rights education

The campaign’s mainly liberal church struggle to meet the needs of its members.


North Korean refugees build new lives in America

Those who find their way to the U.S. still have a long road ahead of them.


Terrorism in Nigeria causes heartbreak here

Suicide bombings started in 2009 and the number of killings and attacks increased last year.


Aspiring gay priest “Lives out Loud”

The journey was not easy for seminarian Tommie Watkins


Afghans working for the U.S in Afghanistan are left behind as conflict draws to a close

About 75% of all the interpreters have had serious difficulties in obtaining these visas.


Gay, dating and discrimination

Rejection from the mainstream has also lead to an increased number of people reaching out to support groups for social networking.


Women veterans battle homelessness

Finding help to prevent homelessness is increasingly difficult.