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MLB could see smaller crowds again this season

Major League Baseball has seen a decline in overall game attendance.


As tenant blacklist grows, more renters denied housing

Lawsuit seeks to put an end to the so-called tenants blacklist.

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NYC Cold: Coney Island’s Nathan’s Famous attract tourists in the bitter cold

Nathan's hot dogs is comfort food for cold New Yorkers and tourists.

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The Border Project: Staging ground for the undocumented

The town of Altar, Mexico, responds to the needs of migrants making the dangerous trip across the border.


Bloomberg targets salty diets

As part of his National Salt Reduction Initiative, Bloomberg called for restaurants and food manufacturers to reduce salt content of their food by 25 percent over the next five years.


Tenant president stands up for residents

Odell Pamias, 67, is the president of the tenant association at Jacob Riis Houses, a public housing development in the East Village that is home to 4,305 residents.


Hard-court bike polo grows in popularity

While polo is usually associated with high society and royalty, bike polo matches in Manhattan’s Lower East Side draw a more diverse following.


Bangladeshi immigrant grooms future leaders

Muhammad Rashid sought to fill his debt of gratitude to the U.S. by grooming future leaders, helping them pass New York City’s Specialized High School Exam.


East Village health center a model for success

Amidst the fierce debate over what works when it comes to health care, for many patients, Ryan-NENA serves as a model for success.


Lower East Side slowly losing its charm

Now more than ever, store owners and residents in the Lower East Side fear growing numbers of affluent middle-class transplants are threatening the area’s unique character.