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Korean Americans in NYC rally their community to fight domestic violence

With the COVID-19 pandemic posing an increasing number of cases of domestic violence, particularly within the Korean American community, one organization has collaborated to aid those suffering in silence.


Hare Krishnas are still chanting and dancing in New York City

Since 1965 the Hare Krishna have been a part of New York City's landscape.


Justice is Female 

There is a long road ahead when it comes to reaching gender equality within the courts, but female judges are proving that their identities and experiences are assets.


Liethis Hechavarria Channels the Forces of Nature

Hechavarria immigrated to New York with her mother, Danis “La Mora” Pérez, when she was 13. Pérez, a world-renowned dancer, started the Oyu Oro Afro-Cuban Experimental Dance Ensemble shortly after arriving in the U.S.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

No Actors, But the Show Goes On

Times Square still shines in gaudy neon


Washington Square Park from above and below

Even during the pandemic, people remain very active in the Black Lives Matter Movement, selling their arts, and playing music. 

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

New York City, a place of refuge 

More than half of the people I photographed ventured out without their mask, which made me realize that the Covid-19 fatigue is real and settled


The Paterson Great Falls: A Treasure to Behold  

The falls were designated a National Historic Park by President Barack Obama in 2009. 


An ode to the young people of New York 

The goal of this photo essay is to capture the essence of the people that compose New York City and show the creative spirit New Yorkers carry.


Sixty-Four Squares in Union Square Park

For the last 10 years, T.C. has sat in Union Square Park offering chess lessons and matches to passersby.