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The St. Patrick Day Parade Returns to 5th Avenue

The pandemic put a halt to this loud and joyful celebration of the Irish.


International Women’s Day rally for abortion rights

Over 100 people organized in the downtown Manhattan park to march from Union Square to Washington Square Park in support of safe and legal abortion, preserving women’s rights, and in support of preserving Roe v. Wade. 


Teaching Black History that begins in Africa can empower Black children

"Trauma would lessen, if children were taught at a young age what life was like before slavery."


City’s mask mandate comes to an end


NYU takes weeks to respond to Asian students attacked on campus

AJ Sun is one of at least four Asian NYU students assaulted on campus within the past month. Campus Safety originally dismissed Sun's assault, stating that it didn't fit the requirements of a racial hate crime, causing students to lose trust in campus safety.


Delivering Fresh Food to the South Bronx

There are now a total of 11 Community Fridges in the Bronx, where anyone can take or give food. Even though this initiative is amazing, it is still not enough.


Ghosting Landlords discriminate against renters who use housing vouchers

Even though its been illegal in NYC since 2008, and illegal statewide since 2019, discrimination against voucher holders is the most common type of housing discrimination in the city


Ukrainians in the East Village share their fears on Russia’s war against Ukraine

Ukraine has developed a tough skin, he says, and is ready to fight back.


Activists take “Freedom Buses” to Rikers Island rally against notorious jail

The last day of Black History month was an opportunity for activist to protest the deplorable conditions at the jail and demand its closure.


It’s a grim start to the second half of the Knicks season

Going into this game, the Knicks were three games back with a record of 25 wins and 34 losses. Although some fans still believe in this team's talent , most fans have lost hope.