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Plastic bag ban approved in New York State budget

The ban will go into effect in March of 2020.


Metrocard Swipes to be Replaced by Contactless System

View video on Vimeo The New York City subway system may soon be getting an update. Commuters are often frustrated […]


East Village eyesore’s future remains uncertain

Before it was a cracking, boarded-up shell, the former school building was used as a community center of sorts.


The Green New Deal explained in 1:17

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Women Demand Equal Pay

Women gathered at New York City Hall on Tuesday for the 13th Annual Equal Pay Day to address the pay gap and demand equality.


Women’s wrestling keeps growing

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Plan to stop MTA bus fare evaders gets cool response

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A Very Short History of the Easter Bunny

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CBD is the new non-addictive cannabis cure all

CBD has exploded into the U.S. market.


Women’s wrestling sees explosive growth across New York City and nation

Since the 1990's, wrestling has been the fastest growing women's sport in the nation. Now, there are over 15,000 women participating in the sport, and 48 different colleges sponsoring women's teams. New York City has been one of the hotbeds for the sports growth, with the PSAL establishing New York states only all girls wrestling league. Now, young girls are challenging gender norms in a sport that has historically been reserved for men.