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Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

 Black Friday’s Aftermath

This year, many retailers began to advertise those deals as early as October and offered many of them online, reflecting both the challenges that physical stores are facing and the sudden shift in how consumers prefer to shop.

Special Report: America Votes

America Celebrates the Election

Edited by Paola Michelle Ortiz Pavement Pieces · America Celebrates the Election

Special Report: America Votes

Boarded up, buttons for sale and a Republican viewing party on Election Day in NYC

November 3, 2020 was like no other election day before. The streets in New York were oddly quiet and there […]

Special Report: America Votes

Voting in Clifton, New Jersey

Like most of the residents of this reliable blue state, Dayi casted her vote for Joe Biden.


International students may choose other countries to study, if Trump is reelected

Special Report: America Votes

Election Day

On Election Day , voters not only casted their ballot, but made their presence known by encouraging others to vote […]

Special Report: America Votes

In 2020, Election Day may rhyme with unrest. At least, that’s what officials fear

On the morning of Election Day, the atmosphere was so calm in the city that we could hear jigsaws cutting plywood boards and hammer blows.  

Special Report: America Votes

Poll worker keeps it moving

Their small team is a diverse one.


Diverse Latino voters are making their presidential choice this election

The size and diversity of the Latino community makes it hard for any candidate to ignore them.


New York voters express their hopes and fears for the 2020 Election

Many feel it’s a do or die situation.