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Atlanta native shines on Broadway

Nikki Renee Daniels is appearing in "Promises, Promises," her seventh Broadway show since moving to New York 10 years ago.

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The Border Project: Detained

The Department of Homeland Security held more than 380,000 immigrants in custody at 350 facilities nationwide in 2009 alone.


Bronx man recounts demographics shift

Louis Cochi, 82, has seen his Bronx neighborhood dramatically change since he moved there in 1956.


Jewish neighborhood copes with change

The Hasidic Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, faces increased rents and encroaching development.


Big business in Little Italy

Ferrara, a Little Italy espresso bar, has remained a constant in an ever-changing neighborhood.


Few vendors remain in historic market

These days, Jose Cintron doesn't carve as much pork as he used to. He doesn't even have enough customers to keep his hands dirty.


After fire, Queens shop owner reminisces

Thomas Kourakos remembers the morning his shoe shop caught fire and his career as a cobbler came to an abrupt end.


Mexican immigrants flock to Sunset Park

Mexican residents of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, decry crime and say laws like Arizona's SB1070 worry them.


As Little Italy changes, some resist

Vincent Cirelli likes familiarity. He is 59 and has had the same moustache since he was 16.


Homeless Vietnam veteran may get a home

“I want to get reacclimated to being a human being again. To going where I want, when I want, and not having to look over my shoulder like the cops are going to say I’m doing something wrong. To do things like sit on my couch, watch TV, and have a beer,” he said.