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A beautiful day in Central Park

In Central Park, people ate ice creams, picnicked, played, exercised, put on shorts, and often wore warm smiles.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Central Park’s East Meadow transforms into field hospital

This is a look inside the field hospital.

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NYC Marathon: Running in memory of loved ones

Roman’s spirit is strong. Even after completing the longest run of her life, she had no intention of resting tonight.

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New York City Marathon: The Finish Line

Eight hours later she crossed the finish line.

Pope Francis Visiting New York Live Evrybit

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The Pope in NYC

Poep Francis brings his message of love, hope and acceptance to the city. But he also brings inconvenience and controversy.


Russian heritage celebrated during Maslenitsa

Say goodbye to winter, Russian style.

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NYC Marathon: Family support in Central Park

Temperatures were at a frigid 52 degrees and wind speeds up to 26mph. Officials said it was slowing down runners by five minutes on average.


The endangered horses of Central Park

Carriages are believed to be inhumane.

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Spring in NYC: Soaring temperatures turns ice rink into a skating pool

Visitors to Wollman Rink in Central Park found an ice rink that resembled a pool.


Feds say slaughter geese in city parks

New York City and USDA officials have called for another round of geese killings this year, and some residents are planning to push back.