Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

The East Village is open! Well, sort of

Now that phase one of reopening has commenced, the vice grip of fear Covid-19 had on the city seems almost a thing of the past, at least for the people on East Ninth Street

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2019 New York City Marathon

The staff of Pavement Pieces on are the course of the 2019 New York City Marathon


Business heats up as Super Bowl temperatures drop

Super Bowl Boulevard near Times Square will draw large crowds this week.

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NYC Marathon: Back to tradition on the Upper East Side

As a symbol of support, the Boston Marathon’s yellow line ran alongside the familiar blue line that guides runners along their trek in New York.

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NYC Marathon: Snapshots from West Harlem

“This is almost the 23rd mile, and this is when the runners need a lot more energy,” one supporter said. “This is when they need you.”

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Disorganization causes havoc for Inauguration goers

In the streets surrounding the capitol, thousands of Inauguration-goers shuffled around like confused cattle.

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Giant Parade: Bucket Man

In four hours of work almost 800 buckets were sold for Giants fans to stand on.