Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Virtual Education May Just Be a Non-English Speaking Parent’s Worst Nightmare

One of the biggest issues for teachers in minority-rich and low-income schools is how do they get participation and involvement from non-English speaking families?

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

The coronavirus hurls Oakland schools into uncertainty

As kids struggle to begin online classes in Oakland, there is a digital divide for low-income families.

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Florida Crossroads

The staff of Pavement Pieces spent three days reporting stories in Florida, a state that is in the crossroads of […]

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Capital Steps

The year has been a year fraught with political turmoil for much of the United States, with major changes on […]


Street Squash After School Program Teaches More than a Game

Street Squash After School program in Harlem is a haven for kids.

Special Report: Midterm Elections 2014

Critics of Education Policy Grow Louder at Elections Approach

Teacher unions, which hold a lot of power in the Democratic Party, now oppose the Common Core.


Possible new holidays for NYC schools

The New York Department of Education will consider adding more scheduled school holidays.


El Taller Latino-Americano faces eviction

With rising rents, the cultural center is about to be driven out of the area.


South Bronx Charter School surprises kindergartners with gift bags

Two-thirds of the students are in the child welfare or foster care system, while the rest come from the South Bronx community.

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Rebuilding Detroit: The battle against illiteracy takes a blow

Six out of 23 public libraries are slated to close.