Bushwick’s Dispossessed Latino Community

Members of Make The Road NY sing songs, share meals, and learn about their rights. Above is Angel Vera, of […]

Special Report: Election 2012

West Africans views of the 2012 U.S. presidential election

In the upcoming elections, many Africans are concerned with issues that interest other minority groups, and the wider electorate: immigration reform, tax breaks for small business owners and development aid to Africa.

BusinessSpecial Reports

Rebuilding Detroit: Latino businesses feel the sting of increased border patrol

Stories of border patrol officers picking up illegal immigrants from stores and restaurants have become increasingly common—and businesses are starting to feel the impact.


Immigrants help economic growth but still face discrimination

Immigrants bring more business to New York but some say they take jobs.


Undocumented youth push for state bill similar to DREAM Act

After the U.S. Senate shot down the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act or "DREAM Act," members of the New York State Youth Leadership Council are pushing for a similar bill in the state legislature.


Doctors face dilemmas treating immigrant patients

Serving patients from all over the world presents two major obstacles — to overcome language barriers and to gain the trust of unauthorized immigrants worried about deportation.