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NYC Marathon: Cheering on a 50-year-old son

The pair stood among a modest but growing crowd this morning, cheering on wheelchair competitors and the earliest female runners before the race reached fever pitch across the river in Manhattan.


NYC Marathon: Marathon Maniacs

The members who run the most marathons in a one-year span, are dubbed, “Maniac of the Year,” with last year’s winners completing 106 marathons, or 2,777.2 miles.


NYC Marathon: Stragglers battle exhaustion

For the many stragglers hobbling down Fifth Avenue during the final hour of the marathon, it was a ruthless battle as mental stamina vied against physical exhaustion.


NYC Marathon: The perfect spot in East Harlem

From the stoop of Gaby’s apartment on 5th Avenue, the group of nine joined the neighborhood in cheering marathon runners.


NYC Marathon: Music fuels runners, band says

Yolanda Rodriguez and her band, The Dfenderz, played for runners at the New York City Marathon on Sunday.