Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Loyal members help keep independent cinemas afloat

Although uncertainty continues, New York City’s remaining independent cinemas are hanging on due to their small size and outpour of support from loyal members. 

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Harry Potter and the Magical Malady of the Movies

I’m part of “generation HP,” the era of kids who grew up watching the movies as their first introduction to the franchise rather than reading the books.


A second life for movie industry trash

Film Biz Recycling that aims to find the best “second life” for items that would otherwise be discarded from the film, theater and production industries.

Live Blog

The Oscars

Watch/read our live blog of the 85th Academy Awards. Online now.


Female comedians face unique challenges

"Making it big" can be challenging for any comedian. But many women say they have it tougher than their male counterparts.


Video On Demand poses threat to American drive-ins

Video On Demand looks to make some movies cheaper and more readily available as soon as this month, a move that might impact drive-ins across the country.