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NYC Cold: Bad Weather brings big business to plumbing store

The brutal winter is this shop’s good fortune.


Activists: ‘Save your plastic bottles’

Every year, New Yorkers throw away 25,059 tons of recyclable plastic bottles in their household garbage, environmental activists say.


Retirement home residents protest wars

Residents of a Manhattan retirement home protested the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on Saturday.


Man comes to terms with AIDS after 27 years

Michael Stone was living with AIDS — and he was trying to kill himself through drug and alcohol abuse. But eventually he realized he had to stop.

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Federal funds help with weatherization

President Obama’s stimulus bill allocated $5 billion to provide energy-saving measures specifically to low-income families.

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Green movement targets low-income communities

Governments across the country promote environmentalism in low-income communities. But many residents say those programs feel distant and irrelevant to their lives.


Bloomberg targets salty diets

As part of his National Salt Reduction Initiative, Bloomberg called for restaurants and food manufacturers to reduce salt content of their food by 25 percent over the next five years.


Homeless find strength in spirituality

Faith in a higher power provides a constant source of strength to countless people living on the streets.

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Muslim immigrants struggle with domestic abuse

Mollah was a victim of domestic violence for two decades. As a Muslim immigrant from Indonesia, she knew no one in New York City she could turn to for help.


Proposed budget cuts will hurt homeless

More than 39,000 people in New York City seek shelter each day. Officials and advocates claim Paterson’s proposed cuts would drastically reduce aid to the homeless.