super bowl xlvi

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Giants Parade: Young, Old, Quirky and loud celebrate the victory

A diverse crowd gathered downtown to get a glimpse of the team.


Giants Parade: Thousands of fans celebrate

Thousands of people swarmed downtown Manhattan to celebrate the Giants Super Bowl victory


Giants Parade: Mob goes wild and attacks police cruiser

Arrest were made as some fans lost control.

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Giants Parade: A giant drop in school attendance

Kids skip school to celebrate.


Giants Parade: Stock brokers celebrate

Their attire didn’t prevent them from mixing in with the crowd: they hooted, hollered, laughed and screamed.

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Giants Parade: Excited fan wears a Giants mask

Mike Drayer, 25, of Staten Island wore a mask to celebrate his team.

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Giant Parade: Bucket Man

In four hours of work almost 800 buckets were sold for Giants fans to stand on.

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Super Bowl XLVI: Polar Plunge

Thousands jump in freezing cold water for charity.

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Super Bowl XLVI: City eateries benefiting from big game

Huge Super Bowl demand helps city restaurants

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Super Bowl XLVI: Clueless about the Super Bowl

Not all New Yorkers care about the big game