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Awareness of Wage Gap Compels Women to Speak Out for Equal Pay

Awareness of Wage Gap Compels Women to Speak Out for Equal Pay

Despite recent unanimous support from politicians, some think that the wage gap continues to persist because women choose fields that pay less than men, such as early childhood-education and psychology versus STEM fields.

The entrance of the Pink Houses Community Center, a safe haven for residents of the Pink Houses, deemed one of New York City's most dangerous neighborhoods. Photo by Amina Srna
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Impending sentencing for Liang brings hope for justice

NYPD officer Peter Liang fatally shot East New York resident Akai Gurley in an the unlit stairwell.

Outside El Puente, a community human rights institution that promotes engagement in Latino communities.
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New Report Says Low-Income Communities of Color Are Not Prepared for Climate Change

Low-income waterfront communities, particularly those of color such as The South Bronx, Red Hook, and the Brooklyn Navy Yards, are disproportionately at risk during threats of climate change than other communities according to a report released yesterday by the Environmental Justice Alliance. “Even though climate change will affect everyone, its impacts will not be evenly distributed,” said Eddie Bautista, executive […]

Obscured by scaffolding, the entrance of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church was once home to 17 homeless men who sought refuge on church steps. Photo by Amina Srna.
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A church becomes a safe haven for the homeless

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church transforms into a homeless shelter.

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New York City Marathon: Williamsburg

One group of women hailed down their favorite runner with an iPad mini, the app opened as the runner moved up the block and she stopped briefly to hand off the sweatshirt tied around her waist.

From left to right: Daniel Weisberg, CEO of the New Teacher Project, New York State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia, New York City School Chancellor Carmen Farin and moderator Dr. Timothy McNiff, the Archdiocese of New York Superintendent of Schools.

Panel Discussions Addresses Negative Public Perception of the Common Core

A panel discussion with leaders in childhood education that took place at the Sheen Center last Sunday addressed the negative public perception of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Launched in 2009, The Common Core is a state-led effort to ensure that students, regardless of where they reside, are meeting standards for college and entry-level job positions, but the initiatives […]