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NY Primary: Millennials for Hillary

Millennials gather to support their candidate, Hilary Clinton, and each other.

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After a Three Year Legal Battle Coney Island Community Gardeners Take Real Estate Developers to Court for One Last Time

At 5 a.m. on December 28th, 2013, Yuri Opendik, 36, woke to a frantic call from a fellow gardener. The New York City Council sold the Coney Island’s Boardwalk Community Garden nine days earlier. The land where Opendik had, for seven years, grown food for his family was cleared in the middle of the night. Land, stewarded by neighbors, was […]

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Working in Agavi Organic Juice Bar

Andi Gaubtai, 25, of Queens, New York, at work in Agavi, an East Village Juice Bar.

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New York City Marathon: Greenpoint

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Threat to community gardens looms at memorial service for urban gardener

According to public statements from the mayor, 17 community gardens are being considered as sites to meet demand for open space needed for the new housing.


OWS Anniversary met with a cry for more affordable housing

But the impact of high housing prices on their lives wasn’t the only thing drawing people to the park.

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14 years later: Spreading the word of God at ground zero

There was a degree of nostalgia for the religious climate of the United States that flourished in the aftermath of the attacks.