“Busted” proves gumshoe reporting lives on

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Philadelphia Daily News reporters Wendy Ruderman (far right) and Barbara Laker (second from right) rejoice with city editors Yvette Ousley and Gar Joseph. they won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. April 12, 2010 (Photo by Sarah J. Glover)

The opening lines read like a thriller novel.

One year later, military family still mourns fallen son

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Inside this wooden container sits the flag that covered Johnny Kihm's casket when his body arrived at Dover Air Force base. Photo by Chris Palmer.

A year after Johnny Kihm died in Afghanistan, his family is still coming to terms with his passing.

Philadelphia Life: Ex-inmates are given hope through innovative program

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Members of Philly ReNew sit around a conference table and read from their journals on Dec. 3, 2010 in Philadelphia, PA. ReNew is a reentry program for fathers with criminal background. Photo by Elyse Ann Mickalonis/Pavement Pieces

Philly ReNew was created to help fathers with criminal backgrounds find jobs and improve their overall quality of life during the transition from prison to community.

Philadelphia Life: Pennsylvania is an easy place to buy guns, officials say

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A collection of guns, including the military-grade 7.62mm SKS assault rifle, lie tagged in the Crime Scene Investigation offices in North Philadelphia on Dec. 11, 2010, waiting to be used as evidence against two men accused of killing Police Sergeant Steven Liczbinski during the 2008 attempted robbery of a Bank of America in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. Comprehensive statewide gun policies could potentially make it harder for felons and those without permits to buy and sell such weapons by cracking down on an illegal process known as straw purchasing. (Meredith Bennett-Smith / Pavement Pieces)

Whether you’re a cowboy or a bandit, you will not have trouble obtaining a firearm in the state any time soon.

Philadelphia Life: Illegal guns are a way of life in some neighborhoods

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A dead cat lies unnoticed in a trash-strewn alley on the 3000 block of 32nd Street, between Diamond and Fountain in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood of Philadelphia on Dec. 11, 2010. The neighborhood has been plagued by an influx of illegal guns, a phenomenon that has done little to drive down the area's high violent crime rate. (Meredith Bennett-Smith / Pavement Pieces)

Obtaining a pistol can be as easy as walking up to a corner and asking for one.

Philadelphia Life: The Golden Block fights to revitalize in the face of urban ills

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Philadelphia Life: The Golden Block fights to revitalize in the face of urban ills

Amanda Plasencia report’s from Philadelphia’s “El Bloque de Oro” a Latino community that faces stiff economic pressures and battles the ills of drug addiction and high levels of crime.

Philadelphia Life: Walnut Street Theatre “getting better with age”

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The oldest theater in the country has the largest subscription base.

Philadelphia Life: Group fields complaints of police misconduct

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Members of the Police Advisory Commission, Kelvin Anderson (left), Jeannette Gillis, William Johnson, Joseph Chaffin, and William Michael, discuss the group's community presence in the commission's Spring Garden Street office in Philadelphia on Dec. 3, 2010. The group organized a public hearing on police brutality to gain recognition in the neighborhoods and help promote the commission. Photo by Emily Canal

In Philadelphia, members of the Police Advisory Commission examine complaints of police misconduct.

Philadelphia Life: In memory of lost loved ones, women band together to fight crime

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Donna Giddings takes a photo with young men from the Philadelphia Industrial Correction Center. Giddings joined Mothers in Charge after her mother, her son, and her son's best friend were murdered in a triple homicide. Photo by Jasmine Brown

Mothers in Charge are fighting to reduce crime and mentor young criminals.

Philadelphia Life: Black artists say they face racial barriers

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Lisa Nelson-Haynes looks over the streets of Philadelphia on Monday, Dec. 6 2010. Haynes has been the associate director at The Painted Bride for more than seven years and thinks African American artists deserve more coverage in the Philadelphia art community. Photo by Elizabeth Vulaj

Black artists in Philadelphia say they’ve had to overcome racial barriers to succeed.