Evgeniya Zolkina


Food For The Homeless feeds hungry New Yorkers

“You don’t have to be homeless to be hungry,” said Rolando “Divine” Farrow, the founder of Food For The Homeless.


Philadelphia pizza shop lets you “pay it forward” to help feed homeless

At Rosa's Fresh Pizza, customers can buy slices in advances for the homeless.


Helping the unemployed clean their job interview suits

A small sign on the left corner of the window read: “If you are unemployed and need an outfit cleaned for an interview, we will clean it for free.”


Russian heritage celebrated during Maslenitsa

Say goodbye to winter, Russian style.


Learning the art of burlesque

To help the women loosen up she encourages students to wear lingerie and heals during the class.

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NYC Marathon: The energy of Spanish Harlem

Cow bells and kazoos sounded around bright posters and costumed supporters who came to watch 40,000 people who signed up for 26.2 miles of leg work.


NY People: Tafa the artist

Born in Ghana, international artist, Tafa, opens his Harlem studio and shares his inspirations.


City chess tournament highights love of the game

This brain fiesta was arranged by a nonprofit organization Chess-in-the-Schools.