Kathryn Kattalia

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Rebuilding Detroit: Latino businesses feel the sting of increased border patrol

Stories of border patrol officers picking up illegal immigrants from stores and restaurants have become increasingly common—and businesses are starting to feel the impact.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Mexicantown’s mom and pop stores struggle

An increase in population hasn't translated to an increase in business.


Push to rename Financial District reflects neighborhood change

Residents push to rename the Financial District SoMa, short for Southern Manhattan.


Residents push for historical district along West End Avenue

Historical district could protect buildings between West 70th and West 110th Streets.


As tenant blacklist grows, more renters denied housing

Lawsuit seeks to put an end to the so-called tenants blacklist.


Brush with Kindness offers new paint, new hope

Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity’s Brush with Kindness program spruce up New York City Housing Authority facilities long overdue for maintenance work.

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Philadelphia Life: Homeless and hungry, hundreds turn to outreach groups for help

Philadelphia homeless shelters and advocacy groups are feeling the strain of a reeling economy, serving more people with fewer resources.


Jewish neighborhood copes with change

The Hasidic Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, faces increased rents and encroaching development.


NYC Marathon: Stragglers battle exhaustion

For the many stragglers hobbling down Fifth Avenue during the final hour of the marathon, it was a ruthless battle as mental stamina vied against physical exhaustion.


NYC Marathon: Waiting for the Chilean miner

Jumping up and down from the sidelines Sunday evening, the Chile native cheered on the thinning stream of runners who entered the race’s final stretch through Central Park.