Maggie Geiler


Brain Drain Impacts Mental Health in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With March 2021 marking the 30th anniversary of the Bosnian war and the country facing its greatest governmental crisis since the Balkan wars, millennials and Gen Z’ers are leaving the country in droves due to political and economic issues - a phenomenon called “brain drain.” 


NYU takes weeks to respond to Asian students attacked on campus

AJ Sun is one of at least four Asian NYU students assaulted on campus within the past month. Campus Safety originally dismissed Sun's assault, stating that it didn't fit the requirements of a racial hate crime, causing students to lose trust in campus safety.


NYU Covid Protocols Halt Cheer Team from Competing at Nationals

This year, I think almost every single school, at least that I know of, is planning on going, so we are the only ones I know of who are not allowed.”

Special Report: The NYC Marathon Returns

Eager marathon coach hypes runners in the Upper East Side

An NYPD officer had to usher her out of the middle of the street. 


NYC People: Vincenzo Virzi, baker and pasta maker

An Italian baker and pasta maker in the Village gives customers a "piece of his heart" through his creations.


Some seniors fear a return to normal

 Older adults continue to be one of the most at risk populations of becoming ill, hospitalized, or dying from Covid 19.


Afghan American women struggle to help their families in Afghanistan

The Taliban has killed those who resisted their rule in the streets, leaving civilians afraid to go outside.


Little Italy’s Feast of San Gennaro makes a comeback

Business owners hoped the feast would be the boost neighborhood businesses would need.


A Day of Unity in New York City

Police, firefighters, survivors, victims, and people from all ethnicities, ages, and countries stood together to remember, reflect; and mourn.