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Aspiring gay priest “Lives out Loud”

The journey was not easy for seminarian Tommie Watkins


Afghans working for the U.S in Afghanistan are left behind as conflict draws to a close

About 75% of all the interpreters have had serious difficulties in obtaining these visas.


Gay, dating and discrimination

Rejection from the mainstream has also lead to an increased number of people reaching out to support groups for social networking.


Women veterans battle homelessness

Finding help to prevent homelessness is increasingly difficult.


Audio postcards from downtown New York City

The staff of Pavement Pieces use sound to tell stories of places and people.


A farm grows in Bushwick

Boswyck Farms suggests communities take initiative by building water-efficient gardens in rooms, food co-ops and pantries.


Advice columnist for the undocumented

In October 2010, Angy Rivera created Ask Angy, the first and only advice column for undocumented youth.


NYC homeless youth population at a record high

These youth continue to function in society, hiding the issue of their homelessness to the outside world.


Dating app Tinder taking over the dating world

Tinder has been a welcome relief to safety-conscious singles.


No Dream Act in NY budget

The bill’s failure stemmed from a discrepancy between the state’s two legislative bodies, the assembly and the senate.