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Green movement targets low-income communities

Governments across the country promote environmentalism in low-income communities. But many residents say those programs feel distant and irrelevant to their lives.

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Long-term unemployed demand benefit extensions

Millions of long-term unemployed Americans are now on the brink of eviction and hunger. Now, many are demanding an extension of unemployment benefits until the end of 2010.

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Muslim immigrants struggle with domestic abuse

Mollah was a victim of domestic violence for two decades. As a Muslim immigrant from Indonesia, she knew no one in New York City she could turn to for help.

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Haiti Earthquake: Dominicans give, but hard feelings remain

Some Dominicans can't forget the past, despite the devastation.

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Haiti Earthquake: A Haitian church mobilizes

Some community-based organizations in New York City are sending independent convoys to scout for family members.

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Haiti Earthquake: Worry triggers involvement

When the Louis family learned their Haitian relatives home collapsed on top of them, they took action.

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Haiti Earthquake: Wiring money in Flatbush

Family and friends of the victims have been trying to send money, though it has not been easy.

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Haiti Earthquake: A store owner tries to help

Yvens Brizard, a native of Haiti, plans to travel to Haiti in the next couple of days to aid an orphanage, where more than 150 children are starving.

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Haiti Earthquake: ‘I lost my family’

After recently losing his wife to diabetes, Gaspard Lynch lost his family and business in the Haiti earthquake.

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The Forgotten Navajo: No longer a home

Arlene Jasper-Begay and her family have been through a lot. Dealing with deaths and suicides have left them feeling as if their home is no longer a home at all.