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The Border Project: Deported man plans to cross again

Jose Estrada was deported five days ago and will try to cross the border again.

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The Border Project: Wrangling the border

After local rancher Robert Krentz was killed on his property in Arizona, efforts to increase border security have improved, many ranchers say.

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The Border Project: Guarding the line

Former Special Agent Lee Morgan talks about ranchers by the Arizona-Mexico border.

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The Border Project: Staging ground for the undocumented

The town of Altar, Mexico, responds to the needs of migrants making the dangerous trip across the border.

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The Border Project: Latinos against illegal immigration

Not all Latinos support illegal immigration. Amanda Van Allen reports from Nogales and Tempe, Arizona.

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The Border Project: Businesses on both sides struggle

Amanda Palesencia reports from Nogales Arizona and Mexico.

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The Border Project: Deportation might separate man from wife, life in U.S.

Martin and his wife, Alex, left Mexico in 2000. Now Martin faces possible deportation in several months.

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Federal funds help with weatherization

President Obama’s stimulus bill allocated $5 billion to provide energy-saving measures specifically to low-income families.

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Green movement targets low-income communities

Governments across the country promote environmentalism in low-income communities. But many residents say those programs feel distant and irrelevant to their lives.

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Long-term unemployed demand benefit extensions

Millions of long-term unemployed Americans are now on the brink of eviction and hunger. Now, many are demanding an extension of unemployment benefits until the end of 2010.