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Rebuilding Detroit: Cop suicides highest in country

Preventive measures sought to combat the attitudes that lead to depression and suicide.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Community clinics build a safety net for the vulnerable

About 22 percent of Detroit residents are uninsured.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Arab Americans in Dearborn

Just a few miles outside of Detroit is the largest Arab American community in America. The balance of being Arab, Muslim and American is not easy.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Urban Spelunkers step into Detroit’s vibrant past

Not every Detroiter sees abandon buildings as blights to be demolished.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Latino businesses feel the sting of increased border patrol

Stories of border patrol officers picking up illegal immigrants from stores and restaurants have become increasingly common—and businesses are starting to feel the impact.

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Rebuilding Detroit: A booming TechTown

A 100,000 square foot technology park and business incubator brings entrepreneurs from across southeast Michigan.


Rebuilding Detroit: Winning sports teams inject joy and pride

“There’s a real buzz going on in the city.”

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Rebuilding Detroit: The battle against illiteracy takes a blow

Six out of 23 public libraries are slated to close.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Mexicantown’s mom and pop stores struggle

An increase in population hasn't translated to an increase in business.


Rebuilding Detroit: Demolishing abandon homes not the answer for many

A growing number of residents want abandon homes given away instead of leveled.