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GOP Primary: “DREAMers” mobilize Latino vote

Latinos launched “Su Voz, Mi Voto” campaign to get voters to the polls.

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GOP Primary: Upstate NY Republicans just want to beat Obama

Turnout for the all-but-over primary was low, Republican residents said, come November, they’ll all be at the ballots, to make sure anyone, but Obama wins.

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GOP Primary: War on women

On Primary Day, a panel of feminists discuss women's issues.

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GOP Primary: New Haven Independent voters mull their choices

New Haven Independents discuss the candidates on Primary Day

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GOP Primary: Among conservatives in rural Pa, Romney ‘the lesser of two evils’

"I'm sure as hell not voting for Obama," one resident said.

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GOP Primary: Living with Fracking

Residents find themselves outcasts in the middle of a hot environmental debate that could boil over in the upcoming presidential election.

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GOP Primary: Many Williamsport voters indifferent towards controversial new law

Pennsylvania is one of only five states in the country to enact strict legislation on IDs.

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GOP Primary: Five States hold primaries today

Though today should be be a quiet day at the polls, the reporters at Pavement Pieces will be bringing you the scoop from the states that will be holding elections.

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GOP Primary: Bay Ridge Republicans vote

A small, but dedicated group of Republicans head to the polls to vote for Romney.


Combating cancer in the LGBT community

Cristina Muldow has had breast cancer twice. She’s had two mastectomies, a round of chemotherapy and reconstruction surgeries. As a […]