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Follow the zany antics, heart-wrenching drama, and high-flying adventures of senior citizen scooter racing.


City rat sightings, complaints are up

New York rats are Norway rats, though they are not from Norway, and they don’t have rabies, so Jay did not wake up the following morning with foam in her mouth. But their urine or feces can transmit seven-day fever or salmonella, two diseases that humans usually get when they work in close contact with rats, which is extremely rare in New York. In the worst case, symptoms are diarrhea, high fever or abdominal cramps. You will not get the plague either, which accounts for only 10 to 15 cases in rural areas in the U.S.


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Living with HIV/AIDS: The Crisis Continues

HIV/AIDS still spreads, but to many it is the "forgotten disease" as more of the infected live with HIV instead of die of AIDS.

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Living with HIV/AIDS: Stigma

Atlanta is called the capital city of the “New South” for its economic prosperity and cultural diversity.  But in this […]

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Living with HIV/AIDS: Bush and AIDS

During the month of December, visitors to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are greeted by a red AIDS ribbon adorning the North […]

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Living With HIV/AIDS: Teens

Every hour in the United States, two young adults between the ages of 13-24 contract HIV. In 2006, young adults […]

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Living with HIV/AIDS: HIV Laws, Help or Hurt?

When Peter Ayala set his girlfriend’s car aflame last year, he was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison […]

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A monk reaches out to the chinese community

The Venerable Benkong, a monk at Grace Gratitude Buddhist Temple at New York's Chinatown is helping the Chinese-American community to reduce the HIV/AIDS stigma by leading a project called 'one teaches ten , ten teach a hundred.'

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Living with HIV/AIDS: Non-Profits Feel Economy Squeeze

As the winter season advances, Ruben Salvador Carrasquillo Jr., and other volunteers at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), are […]