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Women veterans battle homelessness

Finding help to prevent homelessness is increasingly difficult.


Qween Amor, subway performer

Qween Amor is a homeless subway performer who recently was working the concourse on 14th St, Union Square Station.


Suits and job training offer hope to veterans

In 1980 veteran, Nelson Quinones, was rushing to get to the car repair company where he worked when he was […]


NYC homeless youth population at a record high

These youth continue to function in society, hiding the issue of their homelessness to the outside world.


City poet hits hard times

Donald Green, “A New York Times Published Poet" sells his work for $1 in a dank subway corridor. He is still searching for literary fame.


A warm winter brings relief to the homeless

“It has been a mild winter, but I’m not worried about sh**,” Larry Reddick said. “Bring on the snow, I can’t wait.”


Unemployed, homeless and protesting with Occupy Wall Street

David Everitt-Carlson makes signs for the protestors

NewsSpecial Reports

Philadelphia Life: Homeless and hungry, hundreds turn to outreach groups for help

Philadelphia homeless shelters and advocacy groups are feeling the strain of a reeling economy, serving more people with fewer resources.


Homeless find strength in spirituality

Faith in a higher power provides a constant source of strength to countless people living on the streets.


Proposed budget cuts will hurt homeless

More than 39,000 people in New York City seek shelter each day. Officials and advocates claim Paterson’s proposed cuts would drastically reduce aid to the homeless.