Illegal Immigration


Occupy Wall Street tackles immigrant worker issues

But with no direct immigrant involvement accomplishing concrete goals are challenging.


Binational same sex couples struggle with deporation

Civil Unions and gay marriages does not stop these couples from being torn apart.


Undocumented youth push for state bill similar to DREAM Act

After the U.S. Senate shot down the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act or "DREAM Act," members of the New York State Youth Leadership Council are pushing for a similar bill in the state legislature.

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The Border Project: Detained

The Department of Homeland Security held more than 380,000 immigrants in custody at 350 facilities nationwide in 2009 alone.

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The Border Project: NAFTA fueling illegal immigration, critics say

Free trade between the U.S. and Mexico put many Mexican farmers out of work.

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The Border Project: Dead migrants scattered across desert

An average of 180 bodies are found in the Pima County, Ariz., desert every year.

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The Border Project: Defying danger, immigrants flow into U.S.

Elisa Lagos reports from the Mexico/Arizona border trail.

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The Border Project: “Minuteman movement” at crossroads

The civilian border patrol movement is at a crossroads.

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The Border Project: Group doles out water, saves lives

Humane Borders gives illegal immigrants what they need most: water.

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The Border Project: Sheriffs debate SB 1070

Border sheriffs are at the center of a challenge to SB 1070 filed by the ACLU.