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Same-sex marriage debate heats up in the South

Mitchel and Myers moved to New York City they said because it was easier to live as an openly gay couple.

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Aspiring gay priest “Lives out Loud”

The journey was not easy for seminarian Tommie Watkins


Mother Nature to sucker punch New Yorkers with more cold after warm start to week

New Yorkers got a little reprieve from the bitterly cold conditions that hit the city as well as different parts of the country over the last few weeks. The mercury hit a high of 45 degrees around lunchtime on Monday afternoon because of warmer winds coming in from the south. But that relief could be short lived, as seemingly arctic-like […]

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Gay, dating and discrimination

Rejection from the mainstream has also lead to an increased number of people reaching out to support groups for social networking.

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If polls had wings, de Blasio would fly.

It was a landslide victory for Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio in the race for New York City’s top job Tuesday night. It took less than an hour after the polls to close to read the writing on the wall for his opponent.

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NYC Marathon: East Harlem revelers hope to inspire runners

Brisk weather and a light drizzle of rain didn’t keep tens of thousands of runners from hitting the pavement and even more enthusiasts from lining the streets to cheer them on from the sidelines at this year’s ING New York City Marathon. “It’s cold!” said Francis Brown. The 64-year old found a spot along 1st Avenue in East Harlem at […]

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White Cane Safety Day

Celebrating National White Cane Safety Day in the Bronx.

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Francisco Ramirez, public relationship/dating/sex therapist

Francisco Ramirez has given average New Yorkers a friendly ear and advice twice weekly, for two hours each day, at no charge.

9/11 Anniversary: In the midst of loss, a friendship is born
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9/11 Anniversary: In the midst of loss, a friendship is born

Tight security and a heavy police presence surrounded New York City’s financial district, as thousands commemorated the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks yesterday. But among the noisy processions, loud protestors, and chatting tourists clicking photos and videos, one man quietly held his own vigil. Few stopped to talk to or even look at Jose Gonzalez even though he’s […]

NYC Primary: The mayoral candidates and style votes
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NYC Primary: The mayoral candidates and style votes

It’s the final push as contenders for New York City’s top job put their best foot, and in some case, their best shoes forward to try and sway voters. But while they try to spark passion in the general public in the most critical hours, is the electorate really listening, or have New Yorkers been paying attention to more subtle […]