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NYC Marathon: Longtime friends share the fun

The runners came in waves and one woman stopped in front of the two friends to catch her breath.

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NYC Marathon: Waiting for Dad

Morales has traveled with his father around the world to run in marathons. He said standing among the crowd and encouraging his father as he ran was the most enjoyable part of the race.

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NYC Marathon: Running for charity

Chen’s six colleagues ran today to raise money for the Dream Corps charity, which helps fund underprivileged children in rural areas of China with books and education.

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NYC Marathon: Marathon runners cheers runners

Ellen McCann, 44, was held up a sign that read ” You run better than our government” to uplift every marathon runner passing by her on Sunset Park. Photo by Julie Liao At 4th Avenue near Sunset Park in Brooklyn, Ellen McCann was hailing New York City Marathon runners with a smile and a sign that read, “You run better […]

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2016 NYC Marathon: Veteran Whistles for Runners at “Top of the Fifth”

Grier, came bundled up and ready to show his support with coffee in hand and a small black and white whistle dangling around his neck.

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2016 NYC Marathon: A church greeting in Harlem

Members of the church attend the race every year cheering runners on and offering them prayers and inspiring words, but this year they wanted to do something different.

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Election 2016: The State of Pennsylvania

Graduate students from New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute spent a recent weekend in the swing state Pennsylvania, covering stories surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election. The Reporting the Nation and New York cohort spent the weekend in Philadelphia. Students in the Business and Economic Reporting program headed to Scranton. Pennsylvania is known as a demographic bridge between mid-western […]

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Selfies, tourists and memories of 9/11

Watch the crowd gathered at the 9/11 memorial site and you will see markers of people in service: t-shirts with the names of the fallen beneath the words, “Never Forget”, badges and pins indicating ranks, ladder numbers, and squads.

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City’s Muslims struggle to escape the shadow of 9/11

With nearly one million Muslims, New York is reportedly among the states with the highest Muslim population.

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On 9/11 mourners and tourists remember the victims

Mourners and families gather near ground zero to remember.