Alyana Alfaro


A second life for movie industry trash

Film Biz Recycling that aims to find the best “second life” for items that would otherwise be discarded from the film, theater and production industries.


Chicken farming in New York City

Keeping chickens in the city is a “really reasonable way” for New Yorkers to take part in farming,' said chicken farmer Noah Leff.


With fracking decision looming, New Yorkers worry about water

The indecision on fracking is up for review.

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Corn, carrots and the Inauguration

For members of the anti-GMO Inauguration Day demonstration, the chance to spread the word about genetically modified foods to such a large group is what brought them to the Mall in protest.


A growing number of “preppers” prepare for doomsday

They want ensure their safety in the event of a disaster situation, no matter how severe.

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Still Occupying: CODEPINK

Some activists feel they have been directly impacted by this “war.”

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Mixed emotions at 9/11 ceremony

For many 1 World Trade Center is not a welcomed sight.